Alice Neel

Alice Neel (1900-1984) amerikansk porträttmålare

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Alice Neel In Action An Uncovered Silent Film Gives Exclusive Insight Into a 20th Century Art Legend  >>

Alice Neel is caught on camera working on a canvas in this intimate silent film shot by her son, Hartley. Born in 1800, her distinctive style of figurative portraiture—all black lines and rough brushstrokes—is captured in stages, Alice Neel in “Untitled” by Hartley Neel  >>

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sagt om Neels porträtt

  • scathing to the point of caricature
  • quick, active brush

  • sitters’ hands often revealed something of their character and appears cartoonish and unsettled

  • thick black contours and loose brushstrokes reminiscent of 1920s German Expressionism, an important aesthetic touchstone

Alice Neel presenteras på nätet framförallt på tre ställen:

Whitney Museum of American Art

David Zwirner

Robert Miller Gallery 

"It´s not flattering, I don´t like flattering portraits" säger Linda i Sitting for Alice: Linda Nochlin, i en knappt 2 minuter lång video från Boston Museum of Arts >>    

"If I look a little—what should I say—tense or intense, it's because you try sitting for a portrait with a four-year-old!" Alice Neel captured influential art historian Linda Nochlin and her daughter Daisy in this 1973 portrait.

The Art of Not Sitting Pretty.

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